As promised, here’s a clip of the Oakley Team in Nicaragua. Hammock, they call it. Billy Stairmaid, Perth Standlick and Eric Geiselman getting limber in fun-sized Central American surf. Let’s talk about that for a minute, starting with Bill. As we said in the Hammock photo gallery yesterday, Billy is currently in a good position to qualify for the 2015 WCT. If you haven’t seen much of this kid (in other words, you’re American), his section should be more than enough to put you on Team Bill for the rest of the year — the tour could benefit from that flare. Then there’s Perth. Perth’s the most powerful of the bunch, even adding a little bit of extra umph above the lip. And, finally, Eric. The elder EG’s section is our grand finale for a reason. How about that flip at 2:04? And the one at 3:11? Swinging the hammer and swinging the hammock are apparently one and the same.