Occ-Cast Episode 4 ft. Kieren Perrow

Did Occy milk that Tahiti trip or what?!

So far, he has used his French Polynesian venture to speak with Kelly Slater, Jack Freestone, and now WSL Commissioner Kieren Perrow.

Occ and Kieren are old-time competitors, as they inhabited the (then) ASP for a number of years together. Occy reminisces about a heat they shared at Teahupo’o, one in which a sneaker set “came out of nowhere”, and Occ wanted nothing to do with it. Meanwhile Kieren, who saw that Occy had no intention of going, swung on the wave and got a 10! Occy tells the story with a still-wounded heart, while the courteous Kieren does his best to console the loveable little dumpling to his left.

Watch the video for more adorable moments!