On The Hunt With Team Rip Curl

It’s safe to say that on a surf trip to a foreign place, it’s the mystery that appeals to us. It’s not knowing what’s around that next bend, and the thought that maybe, just maybe, as you turn the corner you’ll be faced with a perfect wave with no one out. The discoveries are hardly ever this dramatic, but always entertaining nonetheless. In this installment of Rip Curl’s search series, Dillon Perillo, Luke Hynd and Pat Curren continue their expedition through an undisclosed bunch of islands in the Indian Ocean. To their delight, they stumble upon a rippable little right-hander off a shipwreck and get busy in front of one of the most postcard-esque backdrops you’ve ever seen. Enjoy Pale Aliens, Part 2.

(If you missed Part 1, watch it here.)