Red Cam Compilation // One Palm Media // 4:57

Red Cam’s are ballin’. Like, murdered out Benzo sittin’ on Lorenzos ballin, and that don’t even account for the lenses. So, when you see a filmer flogging his Red Cam through swell and high water to get flawless water angles, it tells you something about said filmer. Dude’s got balls, or bankroll. We’re not sure which Talon Clemow of One Palm Media has (probably both),  but we commend the fruits of his audacity with a Red Cam. Clemow sets his high-priced headlights on high profile talent and the result is A-grade footage too eclectic to account for here. From Parko at Snapper to Ando at a Secret Spot in Samoa, Clemow bundles some of the year’s most progressive shots into one slow motion super edit.