Parker Coffin X Young Wise Tails

No, it’s not your morning eyes messing with you. And yes, that is Parker Coffin as a regular foot. In this edit, (which you may have already seen on our site a few months ago before it was taken down due to music rights), Parker not only provides the top shelf goofyfoot surfing that we’re used to him so graciously delivering, but he gifts us with a unique encore. The same edit, the same carves, turns, airs and barrels, all mirrored as a regular foot. It’s his way of sharing his surfing in a relatable way to all stances across the globe. Quite a theory, huh?

So dive in. If you’re a fellow goofy, watch the first half. Regular foot? Watch the second. Or if you just thoroughly enjoy Parker’s surfing in all forms, watch the whole damn thing.

For a full inteerview with Parker on creating this mirrored delight, click here.