Paul-Cesar Distinguin, And Naked Squids

We get a lot of video submissions here. Some are good. Some are bad. Some are flat-out werid.

Paul-Cesar Distinguin sent us a video this morning, and it was pretty weird — but in the best way possible. It came with the text:

“Rendez-Vous” presents some naked squids taken out of the nest depending on the tide from my last autumnal sessions in Hossegor. I regain my strength and freedom in the nudity of the waves. The truth is there.”

Now, the cynic in you might want to attribute that to a not-so-good French to English translation. But don’t listen to the cynic in you. Silence it. Kill it, even. Because the optimist in you is already out there in the nudity of the waves, strong, free, far from the nest. The truth, indeed, is there.