Paul Fisher Hippy Dick: Full Clip

Surfing is hard (pun sort of intended) and a very small percentage of the surfing population will ever truly excel at it. And most of us will do everything in our power in order to maximize our potential. We’ll wear the best wetsuits and put the best wax on the best boards while we travel to the best waves. We strive for growth (pun decently intended). But Paul Fisher? Well… Instead, he’ll get a board built like a dick — maybe not the most ideal shape in the world of fluid engineering, but certainly the entertainment dream of anyone who doesn’t wear a vest and a Rolex and constantly stick their nose towards the moon and act so Ivy League. In this new clip, Fisher reveals his hippy dick (pun totally intended) in Bali. And he actually rips on it! If nothing else, Paul Fisher will be remembered as an innovator in the field of functional phallicism.