Peter Devries // Innersection // 2:56

Directed by Adam Chilton

You watch these video sections from Peter and the other Tofino crew and you think, “man, Canadian surfing look so fun. I gotta get up there and get some of that.” But what the video doesn’t capture is just how cold, scary and difficult this all is. They’re making it look so easy, but watching the video you don’t have to endure the cold boat rides, the 18-hour nights and getting your face eaten by a bear. Just watch and enjoy — don’t actually go there.

Congrats to filmmaker Adam Chilton, who won last month’s $10,000 Sanuk Filmmaker Award — he’ll be one of six filmmakers creating the follow-up to Innersection Films’ award-winning Here & Now project, called Seven Signs. Coming Summer 2013.

Peter Devries