Raw POV From the Frontlines At Nias

Gazing at pretty, perfectly framed, color corrected, photos is fun and all and believe us, there have been plenty of those from this recent swell in Indo — but aren’t you little curious as to see what it was actually like on the frontlines of this beast? Like, in motion? Luckily for you, SURFING staff photographer Brent Bielmann and GoPro aficionado Anthony Walsh have gifted us with the raw files of their first-hand experience at the right-hand Sumatran freight train known as Nias. These clips aren’t dressed up in anything special, there’s no dub-step background music or over-edited transitions, just plain ole’ uploads straight from personal hard drives. So dive into this genuine vicarious experience and feel what it was like to get amongst some of the best waves that have graced this stretch of reef in recent memory. Do enjoy.

Alex Gray as shot by Brent Bielmann.

Alex Gray ever-so-poised, again by Brent Bielmann.

Anthony Walsh on a drainer from way downtown, shot by Brent Bielmann.

Matt Bromley gets the shot, Brent gets a beating.

Riley Laing with plenty room to breathe, shot by Brent Bielmann.

There’s really nothing you can do after bagging a wave like this, but scream. POV work by Anthony Walsh.

No-hand takeoff to hands-on foamball wrestle, Anthony does just fine.

Anthony on another one like business as usual. If you listen closely you can almost hear the confidence.