Remember When Nikki Van Dijk Attacked The Reef At Bells?

With Bells fast approaching, we caught ourselves reminiscing on last year’s finest moments. Jordy’s highly-debated 9.93, John’s air in Gabriel’s face, Fanning going Fanning -- so much good. But there was one guilty pleasure sort of highlight that had to be revisited. That, of course, was the ill-fated Nikki Van Dijk and her contest from hell. First, NVD got in a fight with her surfboard during an early-morning free surf (Hint: Her surfboard won). Then, outfitted with a black eye and a stiff matchup against Carissa, the wide-eyed rookie did a Stone Cold Steve Austin Texas Rattlesnake shoulder-slam onto the reef. It’s sad, but funny, but sad again, then happy because she’s smiling! Oh, Nikki. We hope you fare better this year.

Video courtesy of World Surf League.