Ripping in Rubber


Is your homebreak getting chilly? Perfect.

What’s the worst possible thing? The worst? It’s when you go to watch a surf clip before paddling out, and it’s the wrong kind of footage. Like if you’re surfing little beach ramps, but you’re watching Pipeline. Or you’re a regularfoot, but you’re watching goofies. It’s like having the wrong surfboard…or getting hit by a car. But worse.

The same thing happens watching warm-water footage when your homebreak is freezing cold. Parko scoring tropical Bali, when you have to surf Rincon or New Jersey? In October? F–k that noise. Seeing trunks won’t psyche you up. Might as well watch Project Runway.

That’s a roundabout way of explaining why these O’neill Coldwater Classic clips are so sick and handy. The contest is running in Canada as we speak, and the shredding is straight out of a Nordic Kai Neville film. Check Sam Lamiroy’s epic beard at 1:38 in clip #1, or Wade Goodall’s backhand hucks at 3:00 in clip #2. Perfect to get you going for your next cold Autumn session. These guys are ripping in 10 lbs. of rubber, so you can too. Get out there, and check out more coverage from the O’neill Coldwater Classic series at