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Russell Ord is a photographer from West Oz. He’s also an ex-Professional Rugby player, a Firefighter, and not long ago saved a man’s life at Mavericks. People say “that guy’s a legend” pretty loosely and I’m one who does that sometimes, but you could honestly put Russell in that category without any bullshit.

One day he’s looking over his portfolio of what normal people would consider incredible photography, and he decides he ain’t satisfied. So now Russell’s off on a mission to capture an image that truly means something. An image you can only achieve by swimming in waves of extreme consequence. Waves beyond anything people have swam in before.

Basically, Russell’s stated that he’s willing to drown or get eaten by a shark or both, for a image no other human has achieved before.

Here’s a trailer for the documentary they are in the process of making. I’m pretty damn interested to see what he ends up with. No doubt it’ll be something special. Good luck Russ! –Jimmicane

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