Ryan Callinan And The Art Of The Backside Air Reverse

Pete Rose and the face first slide. Michael Jordan and the fadeaway jump shot. Wayne Gretzky and the behind the net goal. Tom Brady and cheating. Ryan Callinan and the backside air reverse. Call ’em signature moves if you most, but there’s no denying that all of the aforementioned athletes have owned each of their respective maneuvers. We’re not here to talk MJ, though. Instead, let’s talk Callinan.

His mastery of the backhand air rev was on full display throughout our short film on him, called Performance Guy. He’s able to chuck that tail all high and mighty and into the wind. We pulled a quick excerpt from the movie that shows just how freakishly good he is at ’em. Press play and watch him go in the clip above. And you can still watch the full edit down here: