Ryan Callinan: Performance Guy

“What about Ryan Callinan?” It was February and the entire SURFING Magazine staff was sprawled across a clump of couches in a rented house in Ventura, California when somebody posed that question. We were having one of our bi-annual edit meetings and at that point, we were trying to pick a surfer to profile with a short film. And what about Ryan Callinan? He seemed to fit the bill. Interesting. Wildly talented. Underrated (especially in the USA), though we hope to change that with this video. This video, by the way, is Ryan Callinan: Performance Guy.

In the weeks after that edit meeting, we contacted Ryan and pitched him on the idea. He bit, and with a smile. In the months after that, Ryan worked feverishly at getting us a hoard of A+ clips from all over the world. He was one of the easiest guys we’ve ever worked with. Always happy, always hard-working, good for an interview yet capable of surfing that speaks for itself. You’ll see.

The twelve minute film above is the culmination of Ryan’s 2015 thus far. For all we know it could be the year that takes him to the WCT.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what about Ryan Callinan.