Sion Milosky paddles into the biggest wave EVER…


Daniel Russo creates a behind the scenes short documentary on Sion Milosky and his pursuit to catch the largest wave ever.

Nathan Fletcher: "That was the biggest thing I seen anyone paddle into, ever”

Shane Dorian: “Hands down the biggest wave I've seen anyone paddle into.”

Jamie O'Brien: “I looked down that wave and I have never seen a bigger wave before.”

Daniel Russo: “I've seen Garrett paddle into some big waves at Outer Logs, but this is by far the biggest one anyone has paddled into this winter so far…maybe ever."

Gordan Merchant: “I was watching this day at my house and I would call this at least 30 foot Hawaiian. I would never have thought Sion was on that wave until I saw the e-mail with the images. The biggest wave I have ever seen anyone paddle into to.”

Bold Claims from big names. As you can see from his peers words, Sion Miloski — Hawaii's latest addition to the big-wave paddle brethren — is legit. Here he describes what led him to big waves and this wave in particular, what many of the games best are calling the biggest paddle in to date.