Snaketales : Azores

<strong style=”font-size:130%;”>Jake “The Snake” Patterson is doing something right.</strong>

Of his four disciples, two are in the QS top 10, one is top 25, and the other is top 50. They all have a very legitimate chance of qualifying. Glen Hall better watch his back.

In this installment, all four of the rattlers put up solid performances, but it was Zeke and Leo who stole the show. Facing off in the semifinals Zeke eventually got the victory over his teammate and friend, even after losing to him in a priority rock-paper-scissors match.

I’d also like to note just how powerful Leo, Zeke, Marc, and Ramzi all are. The amount of water they’re displacing is seriously ominous. All of these fellas could put up a solid fight on the CT.

On to the next one!