Snaketales: Haleiwa

Haleiwa was a banger of a contest.

The waves came to play, the surfers came to win. Snake and his rattlers went all out.

The surfing in this clip is big. Really big turns, even bigger sprays. The backsiders Marc and Ramzi threw down some seriously quality hacks, sending palm trees out the back to their competitors’ chagrin. Marc damn near won the comp, falling less than .2 points short of John John in the final (but still finishing 3rd).

Zeke and Kanoa had shockers, but Leo and Griffin put on great performances — Leo slow and steady, Griff straight fireworks. His air is still baffling.

At this point, here’s where the rattlers sit heading into the last event of the season:

Kanoa: 3rd (qualified)
Leo: 5th (qualified)
Zeke: 15th (likely needs to final at Sunset)
Marc: 21st (needs 1st or second at Sunset)
Griffin: 26th (needs 1st or second at Sunset)
Ramzi: 39th (needs to win Sunset)