Snaketales : Pantin Classic in Spain

God damn if that QS ain’t the hardest!

100 surfers, most of them better than Glen Hall, battling in tricky beach break conditions year after year. Jake “The Snake” Patterson has, however, mastered the art of snakey competitive acumen and therefore is the perfect person to help team Quiksilver’s QSers gain access to holy grail of competitive leagues — the CT.

However in Spain, Snake’s little rattlers didn’t do so well. Three of them lost in the first round, and Leo, who is currently leading the QS under Snake’s tutelage, made it only to the quarters. Meanwhile fellow Quik rider and no-longer disciple of the Snakester, Kanoa Igarashi, took the contest out in style. Zeke, Marc, Ramzi, and Leo will look to rebound for the Azores contest that started today. They will each do 1,000 push-ups if they lose again.