Soli Bailey Got Burned By A Dolphin

And now, another case of localism rears its ugly head. This time, it’s out of South Australia and involves Soli Bailey and a dolphin. Let’s analyze…

-The dolphin definitely spends more time out there. (Point: Dolphin)
-Look at where the dolphin took off — he was burning Soli just for the sake of it. Kind of dick, no? (Point: Soli)
-Due to communicational difficulties, they could not have talked this one out before it escalated to a burn. (Point: Dolphin)
-Soli Bailey is better at surfing. (Point: Soli)
-Dave Rastovich saves a bunch of dolphins. (Point: Dave Rastovich)
-Even though he burned Soli, the dolphin is helping him go viral. (Point: Dolphin)
-We just said go viral. (Point: Nobody)

In the end, it looks like the dolphin comes out as the winner of the argument with Soli Bailey in second, Dave Rastovich in third and Tom Brady in dead last.