Here’s The Pitch:
Brazil’s finest sons and daughters give the rest of the world insight on Brazilian surf culture and philosophy. Hollywood Connection:
Step Into Liquid. Like Dana Brown’s film, Surf Adventure is filmed in documentary style, with in depth interviews between the waves, and commentary throughout the surfing. Best Actor:
Danylo Grille’s tube riding in the Mentawais beautifully illustrates the less is more approach to the barrel. Supporting Cast:
Addemir Colunga, Carlos Burle, Fabio Gouveia, Neco Padaratz, Guilherme Herdy and a ton of other Brazilian surfers. Plus cameos by the Irons brothers, Slater, Pancho Sullivan, Sunny, Rob Machado and Michael Lowe. Thumbs Down:
Since the national language of Brazil is Portuguese, it’s not surprising that Surf Adventures is entirely in Portuguese, except for Kelly Slater’s interview. And if you don’t understand a lick of Brazil’s native tongue, than your stuck reading the English subtitles. Thumbs Up:
Ever hear of the island Fernando de Noronha, off the coast of Brazil? If not, the footage of Fernando de Noronha in Surf Adventures will have surf travelers dusting off their board bags and looking for their passports. Daniel Ikaika Ito