Surfer Girl Guidebook Boom

"I have no unwanted body hair." Don't try that pick-up-line on an attractive other. It doesn't work. Take my advice. If only Taj Burrow had mentioned something in his Book of Hot Surfing about picking up on girls out in the water …

Within a four-month period, starting in February and ending in May, five (count 'em, five!) separate publishers will release different guide books for girl surfers: Surf Diva: a girls guide to getting good waves, Surf Like a Girl, Surf's Up: the girls guide to surfing, Surfer Girl: a guide to the surfing life, Surfing: the girl's guide to surfing. Maybe it’s because of the numerous TV series on WB, {{{Fox}}}, and MTV. Maybe it’s because of the numerous trendy fashion lines. Maybe it’s simply because of the ocean. But the surge of the “surfer girl” image in recent years has suddenly stimulated a powerful market niche encouraging more females to migrate from the lethargic comfort of the sand into the testosterone dominated line up of their local beaches.

How much more could this influx of female oriented literature include about surfing than your average gender neutral one? For one thing, where else will the feminine novice learn about the brief history of “boob boards”, or how long to wait for a manicure to dry before going into the water, or the do’s and don’ts of proper aquamarine flirtation? Certainly not from Taj (Face it, there's just some things that are beyond his limits).

Marketed specifically towards females, these books deal with topics about surfing in a way which many males would never dream. They talk about surfing to females from a female's perspective.

There's something important here; something more than just the similar titles of these five "how to" books. These books signal that a new season is at hand. For those of you who haven't noticed, there's something happening out in the water, and it's definitely visible from the shore.