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Andrew Doheny goes all Slater on us

Andrew Doheny, 17, is the latest surfer/shaper hybrid to shred on his own boards. He’s a bit less refined than most, dropping a blank in his back yard and going at it with a cheese grater and a bread knife rather than a CAD-assisted robot. He’s like a miniature, Newport-bred Slater but with more primitive tools, and no Al Merrick giving pointers, and no world titles, and no girlfriend. We spoke with him to find out what the hell.

So, young Andrew, you've caught the shaping bug?

Yeah, it's been so sick. I started about two months ago, got a couple blanks and bought some tools at a glassing shop. The boards don't look so good, but they actually work. Everyone loves them.

Everyone? Who's testing the shapes, besides you?

I’ve shaped Kyle [Kennelly] a board, I just did one for Ford [Archbold], and I did two for these little groms in Newport.


How many total?

About seven, not very many at all. But each one takes a day at least, maybe two days.

What's the plan now? How far are you taking this little experiment?

Um, I’m definitely going to bring a bunch to the Coldwater Classic [in Santa Cruz]. Kyle has like no boards right now so I just shaped him a shortboard, like a contest board, and it just got glassed. So he’s going to try that out and he'll probably ride it in the contest. It’s not like he has any other boards.

So is Kyle pretty much sponsored by Doheny Shapes? How much are you charging him?

I haven’t charged anyone yet. Maybe in the future I’ll charge some people, but I’m not looking to make anything; it’s just some fun.

Not even old enough to vote, and you already have your own pro team.

Nah, nah. It costs like a hundred fifty to get a board glassed, but I mean…I don't really care. I’ll just make people happy for that much, no worries. I just wanna make boards and ride them and have fun, and make my friends stoked.


Andrew at work in his shaping bay…

board carving from 3SLOBS! on Vimeo.

and in his front yard.

CLIP OF THE WEEK! from 3SLOBS! on Vimeo.