My Humble Abode with Dion Agius


Dion Agius gives us a tour of his North Bondi bohemian bat cave.

By Kai Neville

SURFING Magazine: You've lived in Sydney for around Six months, how has your lifestyle changed?

Dion Agius: My liver has felt a rather dramatic change in lifestyle. I’ve gone from 1 -2 nights out a week to 1-2 nights staying in. Its impossible not to go out here because there is something fun on every single night of the week. The waves here aren't so bueno though, so a little less surfing has been going down. But it's been cool. It's given me more time to get back into doing some art and photography and other fun shit that I'd been lagging on a little.

What are you loving about Bondi?

Just that there is constantly so much fun stuff to do — never a dull moment. And the most hot chicks I have ever seen anywhere in my life. It's crazy.

Hate about Bondi?

The surf. The crowds. That's about it.

Your local watering hole?

White Revolver. Midway along the beachfront of Bondi. Wednesday night there is the craziest thing I have ever seen. All our friends party there and then all the models come there from the city to party as well. I’ve never seen anywhere bring in that quality of babes before. Considering the fact that I'm a 4-foot greasy little midget, I have no chance, but its fun to look at and a pretty good spot to call home for a night.

Do you still surf?

I do still love surfing, and living here makes me so excited to go and find uncrowded waves again. Its helped me to realize how fun it is to travel and discover uncrowded fun waves.

Any unforgettable experiences from your crib that you can share?

Every few nights something funny or amazing seems to go down here. A few of my friends are out here staying from California so that's been wild for like 3 weeks now. It's been non stop since they got here because we’ve wanted to show them the best time we possibly could. The last 3 weeks is honestly one giant blur now.

I'm seeing a lot of collage in your house, how would you describe your art currently?

Yeah I'm loving the collages right now. I can't seem to stop them. I love the work of Lou Beach, so I've been kinda biting his style. Something about composing stuff in collages, its more like graphic design than painting and I've always been fascinated by great design. So I'm having a blast. Getting weird and sticking shit down.

You may not have a trophy case but you have walls of deeper personal experiences, Do you think surfing will ever choose creativity over competition?

I think it already has to an extent. It just seems like surfing has two different kinds of audiences at the moment: those who love the contests and then those who dig the whole freesurfing and non-conformity side. Which is rad. I feel like surfing has definitely become a lot more accepting of self expression and freesurfing over the past few years

Most valued possession?

My life.

Describe your dream home?

Something tucked away in the hills au natural Turnbull Griffin Haesloop style. Or a fucking huge penthouse in the Meat packing district with polished concrete floors, all white everything and walls adorned with Listers’, Beachs’, Basquiats’ and Zawadas.