Walking on Water. With sharks.


Young Geiselman's first introduction to the real Santa Cruz local

By Matt Skenazy

Eric Geiselman’s Shark Encounter from Cavin Brothers on Vimeo.

They don't call it the Red Triangle for nothing. That's right kids, sharks are real. Just ask Eric Geiselman. He had a run in with the man in the grey suit recently just north of Santa Cruz. (SPOILER ALERT: He's okay) I would tell you about it, but I'll let him do it...

First off. Are you okay?

Sh-t, yeah, thank God. I'm just real shook up

What happened?

The waves were really bad, I didn't even want to surf, but I was with my brother and his friend and they were frothing to surf, so we went and surfed Lagunas. There were a couple of 'QS out there, but then it started to get dark and everyone went in, so it was just the three of us out there. I was sitting a little wider than the other guys, and I was looking in when it happened, trying to set myself in the lineup. I was sitting on my board and this thing just nailed the back of my board. It nudged me forward and when I sat back there was no board there, it just snapped clean in half. All the water moved and I sank really low in the water. I knew something had attacked me. I started kicking in panic mode and I kicked something solid. I yelled at my brother to go in, and I felt like Jesus trying to walk on water I was paddling so hard. I came in and I felt like I was gonna pass out I was so freaked.

So is your board a mangled mess?

The weird thing is, where it hit me, there's no real evidence of an attack. I think it just hit the fins and got spooked.

Was this your first shark experience?

We see sharks everyday in New Smyrna, but this is the first real encounter. The funny thing is, I went to Waddle Creek the other day to warm up and surf, and I was more freaked out there than I was today.

Is this going to psyche you out at all tomorrow?

No, I don't think so, I'm just gonna try and not think about it and surf my heats.

You're a true professional. Well, you can't leave Santa Cruz without at least one good shark story. So, you're set.

I know I'm just psyched that I'm intact.