SURFING Magazine Award for Best Commentator: Dave Wassel

Video: Jed, Ry-Man

Can we get Dave Wassel at all ASP events? He’s hands down the best. Maybe a bit of it stems from the excessive respect we all hold for him as a surfer, but anytime he hops in the booth, it’s must see TV/webcast.

There’s a lot of criticism on people who do color commentary. Typically, when you listen to someone for hours on end, they end up annoying. It happens in all sports. Even to John Madden and Jeff Van Gundy.

The public is harsh in surfing especially…

Chris Cote, kisses everyone’s ass. Joe Turpel, annoying voice. Dave Stansfield, robot statistician who mixes up names and doesn’t know what maneuvers anyone’s doing and is as relevant to surfing today as pay phones are in modern society. Shea Lopez, talks about the old days too much. Sal Masekela, does he even surf? Bruce Lee, just cut off our ears off. Please. Rockin Fig, is this guy kidding?

Hatred snowballs.

These are not my opinions. Just some general thoughts collected from social media. Every person is going to get crucified this day and age. Every person except, Dave Wassel.

And that’s saying something. These internet assholes want to spit venom, but on this man they don’t.

Here’s a “Best of Dave Wassel” from The Volcom Fiji Pro. It’s an excerpt from Jed Smith’s weekly radio show on called Ain’t That Swell. Now how do we get Wassel back in the booth already?

Dave Wassel