SURFING Presents: Howl

Oftentimes when one door closes, another door opens. Damien Hobgood's fall from the WCT, for example, has afforded him the opportunity to chase big swells, big barrels and maybe even the Big Wave World Tour. Other times, when one door closes, it's the last of a series of many closed doors and you're just f–king trapped. Over the past two decades the development of Punta De Lobos (Sea Wolf Point), the iconic lefthander near the town of Pichilemu, Chile, has felt like the rapid sealing of exits around local Ramon Navarro. New houses. New hotels. New neighbors from foreign lands. Not one to accept capture, Ramon has pushed back against the final door -- the development of the point itself -- to ensure coastal access for generations to come. Damien and Ramon's stories intersect at Punta de Lobos on a Monday morning in May. Just another workweek for two of surfing's finest goofyfoots. Saving a wave. Saving each other. Saving themselves. Howl.

Read the full story in SURFING Magazine’s Issue 10, 2014.