Surfing Presents: Ry Craike in ‘Desert Rat’

Stoop kid’s afraid to leave his stoop!*

That’s a reference to an early 2000s television show whose protagonist was a boy with a football-shaped head. It’s also mildly relatable to West Oz native Ry Craike.

Craike is notorious for a few things: left tube prowess, a huge frontside waft, and an unwavering devotion to his homeland in northwest Australia. This clip does everything to affirm these notions, offering up a steamy serving of the Ry Crake triumvirate. Ry spends the entirety of this edit within driving range of his home in Kalbarri, a desert town founded upon a lefthand point setup, which gives credence to Ry’s newest moniker Desert Rat. This wily rodent spends his time burrowing in and out of burly, blue tunnels. It’s a must-see.

*Say stoop three times in a row and tell us it’s not the weirdest word you’ve ever heard with no possible discernible meaning