Teahupo’o 10-Point Rides: A History

A recap of perfect 10-point rides from Billabong Pros past in anticipation of the August 17th Trials kick-off.

It’s interesting to note that, if you don’t know much about surfing, a 10 at Teahupo’o looks a lot like a 7. Pretty tube! But if you get it, a perfect ride at the End of the Road is a f--ked up slight of hand with fate. Scoring a 10 means pick-pocketing Death and flashing two fingers as you peel out into the channel -- Haha, Reaper, not this time! See you when my iPhone radiation spawns a tumor!

The clip ends with Andy’s famous shotgun claim vs. Dean Morrison, which reminds us why we love Andy and have him on the cover right now.