Dion Agius is the most successful non-competitive professional surfer of all time.

From Globe.tv to Modern Collective to Electric Blue Heaven, Dion has never followed the status quo. He’s made a career of thinking outside the box. Which is exactly what he’s doing with his latest release, The Smiling Bag.

Unlike every other surf film released in the last decade, you won’t find The Smiling Bag online or available for purchase on iTunes. If you want the film, you can have it. For free. You just gotta email Dion.

When you email him, he’ll send you a link to download, along with a few suggestions:

First off, i just wanna say thank you so much for taking the time to email in chasing the movie. I’m stoked you took the time and that you want to see it. And it’s been such an amazing experience to hear from everyone all over the world!

Without talking too much I’ve just got a few requests for you when watching…

1. If you can, watch it with some friends and some beers (if you’re old enough) or hell, even host your own mini-premier!!! And if you do send me some pics, I’d love to see! just tag @dionagius or something.

2. Please play it super fucking loud, either with headphones or some nice speakers. Feel the bass. Piss off the neighbours.

3. The smiling bag is free and for everyone to enjoy, please share the file to all your friends, your mum, your grandma, anyone and everyone who wants it. Sell it on the black market do whatever you want with it. It is yours and i want you and your friends to enjoy it.

When we asked his theory behind sharing the film this way, Dion told us: “The whole purpose was to try and avoid having it STREAM online, and having it sent out as a USB or as a download puts in one more step in the process that helps make it feel a bit more substantial I think, and you get to keep it, and own it. The same as if you bought a VHS or DVD. It is yours. So, I would prefer it wasn't uploaded, as it kinda loses that feeling.”

We downloaded. We watched. We loved. Above is a montage of our ten favorite moments from the film. But you really have to see the whole thing for yourself.

Email Dion here: dion@epokhe.co