That Time Jack Robinson Almost Died Via SUP

Teahupo'o is a dangerous place. The reef is shallow and sharp and loves to chew skin. The wave itself breaks with enough power to make Niagara Falls seem pretty meh. And the crowd? Well, Teahupo'o provides the opportunity for a man — or woman — to get the best wave of his or her life. So yeah, there can be a crowd. Sometimes that's a bad thing.

During a recent run of swell, Jack Robinson almost felt the pain of a packed lineup. Like, he almost felt it smash his head in with a big, heavy SUP. Being the skillful tubesmith that he is, Jack was able to keep on threading and walk away from the wave unscathed. The crisis was officially averted. Which is a damn good thing, cause the world needs more guys like Jack…the jury is still out on whether or not we need more SUPS, though.