The Best Airs Ever Done In Competition

After the sight of Gabriel Medina stomping a massive backside hail-mary in Round 4 of the Quik Pro France, a lot of talk began to stir and questions arose. Was that the best air ever done in a jersey? Better than John’s, Slater’s, Filipe’s or Julian’s? Why Is Pete Mel still wearing a scarf and did Ronnie just call Gabe a beefcake? Well, in light of the first two questions, the WSL chopped together a collection of some of the most impressive stunts done in competition dating back to 2011. So now it’s left up to you, the viewer, to choose a favorite. We’ll say they’re all too close to call, but Medina’s definitely deserves to be in the Northern half. Give the above clip your eyeballs and cast your vote below…

The Best Air Ever Done In Competition

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The Best Air Ever Done In Competition

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1. Who did the best air ever in competition?