Rash claims are a dime a dozen these days in the media, but we think it’s pretty safe to say that yesterday, Thursday, February 4th, was some of the best Maverick’s that has ever been recorded. Thirty foot (some much larger) slabs apexed and unloaded with what seemed like the force of the entire Pacific Ocean. Guys were going for absolute broke and paying high prices in the process.

SURFING’s online editor Brendan Buckley made the trek north alongside Josh Kerr and Damien Hobgood, and here’s an excerpt of how he described his experience:

“Brownish-green water moving across the Pacific, alive, slowly taking the shape of a mound, then a wall, then a building and finally collapsing and exploding into itself with the fury of all hell. It was nature at its absolute finest. Maverick's.

The day will be remembered by anyone who surfed or witnessed the California giant. The wind was kind to us all day long and the swell was very present. It seemed to be the perfect size to hit the bowl and hit it right — it was slabbing out there. And not just in a hey, that big wave kind of barreled! way but in a holy shit I just saw the ocean's tonsils way. Words might never do some of those waves justice. And They'll definitely never do that ledge justice.”

But above video might – so dive into this three and a half minute montage of some of the most frighteningly beautiful waves you’ve ever seen.