The Chosen Few

At the end of this month, Nike’s “Chosen” video contest starts zeroing in on its lucrative conclusion. Damn, everything they do is lucrative. Below we’ve curated four of the leading surf contenders. If one of them gets “Chosen,” it’ll mean $40,000 in cash, closets of Nike gear, a mad surf trip with the Swoosh team, and unofficial brand ambassador status all year long. For the win…


Who: Jason Harris, Matt Payne, Sean Oates, Ryah Arthur
Where: Newport Beach, CA
What: Three rippity swingers and one talented filmmaker living beneath the Orange Cloud.


Who: Hank Gaskell, Albee Layer, Matt Meola, Dege O’Connell
Where: Maui
What: Former child stars turned underground stars in the process of turning just plain stars.


Who: Austin Smith-Ford, Matt Myers, Kyle Thiermann, Kyle Buthman
Where: Santa Cruz, CA
What: Loveable party boy surfers with a do-good streak.


Who: Noah Snyder, Bryce Humphrey, Raven Lundy, Colin Herlihy
Where: Outer Banks / Virginia Beach / Delaware
What: East Coast bro-us maximus armed with smiles, Jet Skis, and a lot of pride.