We tend to view the past through a pair of lenses that are tinted in the most perfect hue of rose. Through retrospective eyes, horrible experiences suddenly seem not so bad (even laughable) and good experiences are recalled as amazing. In other words, nostalgia is a perception-twisting liar.

But not when it comes Japan’s Ocean Dome.

The Dome was the world’s best wavepool. That’s written in the past tense because the Dome died in 2007. As part of the Sheraton Seagaia Resort in Miyazaki, Japan, it was said to be shut down due to the company craving a re-branding — though we have a hunch that it had something to do with it being right next to the actual ocean and costing a fuckload of money to operate. Flop aside, there’s no denying that the thing produced some real good fake waves.

Above is an old clip from one of the Ocean Dome’s only dives into the surfing limelight. It features Owen Wright, Mitch Coleborn and a few others, but the lead role is occupied by Julian Wilson’s necklace game. After an illustrious career of dangling from the young Australian’s neck — highlighted by a stint with puka shells — Julian’s necklace game retired right around the same time as The Dome did. We hope it rests in peace.

And we hope the Ocean Dome rests in peace. If you’re one of the people who helped designed the Dome, please go find a rash decision making billionaire and #makewavepoolsgreatagain.