The Wave Box? Another Attempt at Wave Pools


Looks like the wave pool geeks are at it again. I thought the failure of Ron Jon Surf Parks in Orlando would be enough to scare away any other serious thought towards this type of thing, especially considering the current economic climate. I appear to be wrong as a group from New Zealand is trying to bring surfing indoors yet again.

It's funny, because I recall the genius (sarcastic) who was developing the plan for the Orlando pool being from New Zealand. Problem was, he had no clue about anything to do with real surfing. So how would he understand how to make a fake wave attractive to real surfers? I've been over this previously here:

Are the same people behind this contraption? I sure hope not, but it's possible.

Check the video out below and let us know if you think this thing has any kind of chance to actually work. Is the pool too narrow? Would you hit the walls? Would there be too much refraction and chop? Does the wave actually break or just move along as a rolling wall? I would suggest you turn your volume off while watching.