There’s No Such Thing As A Perfect Slab – Let Russell Bierke, Scott Dennis, and Ben Serrano prove it.

Let Russell Bierke, Scott Dennis, and Ben Serrano prove it.

Recently, the daredevilish duo of Russell Bierke and Leroy Bellet went on a strike to go find themselves some adrenaline – not an unordinary quest for the two. Along with them went Scott Dennis and Ben Serrano and what the adventure led to was the video you see above. Attempt after attempt as surfing waves that look like they were built inside out. Ledges and lips and shallows and teeth – the whole nine yards. Some were ridden successfully, many others not, but the takeaway from the whole mission was an outright positive one for the crew. So enjoy the above clip, eptly titled Liquid Illusion, and read up on photographer Leroy Bellet’s personal account of the experience below and see here for a full gallery.

Summer on the South Coast of NSW, Australia can be a boring time for big-wave surfers; onshore trade-winds and sloppy 1ft wind swells are hardly the stuff of legends. For the many that can’t afford a ticket to Hawaii, there is little to look forward to.

By late February anything above 2ft starts to get you excited and the prospect of a few hour trip down the coast to surf a small but intense wedge-slab, has you foaming at the mouth. You’ll leave whenever, eat whatever and sleep wherever you have to, just to get that split second in the barrel.

Our strike-mission looked a little something like that; Ben Serrano, Scott Dennis and Russell Bierke chasing that urge, all the way down to the Victoria border.

When we arrived at the wave, we realized it was a little ambitious to attempt to ride. On a bodyboard maybe it would be doable, but the boys knew they weren’t going to have much luck standing up. 4-6ft and shallower than a shower, with a whole lot side-wash mayhem going on – in mid-winter this kind of thing wouldn’t have been appealing. Nonetheless, it’s the end of Summer and everyone was keen to try and end the dry spell – so try they did.