If Ozzie Wright, David Bowie and Annie Lennox had a threesome — and they may well have, for all we know…deviants — the love child would look and surf like Thom Pringle, and be polite and humble like Thom Pringle, and be irresistible to both woman and man, like Thom Pringle. Maybe a DNA test is in order.

But Thom’s all man, man. He pours cement and shit to earn his keep.

“I just work for my dad,” says Thom. “I work with my brother and a coupla other dudes. We pour slabs, do driveways, do pathways, all that sort of stuff. It’s physical labor, pretty hard work. It makes it difficult trying to find time to surf. When you come home from work, you’re super tired and your knees are really sore. There’s been a lot of wet weather lately though, so I’ve been able to surf a fair bit.”

Clip from Riley Blakeway