The ride of the year. It’s almost a funny concept. Trying to single out the best wave ridden anywhere in the world over the course of an entire year? Who’s to deem that? You, that’s who. We live in a digital age in which every XXL swell is watched by a herd of cameras. You could say, with confidence, that the best ride of year has surely been filmed and subsequently nominated for a Billabong XXL Award. Two of the best 2014 XXL nominees are Greg Long and Grant “Twiggy” Baker. Greg hooks under the ledge of a Puerto Escondido giant, then three-quarters of the Pacific Ocean engulf him until he reappears with the spit. Twiggy’s nomination comes from Dungeons, which is more of your traditional deep-water big-wave spot -- in other words, insanely difficult. The 2014 Big Wave World Tour champion nails the drop and reads the wave like a children’s book for a tube. It’s the wave that earned Twiggy the cover of SURFING Magazine’s big-wave issue. Now will it win him an XXL Award?

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