There is no right way to surf. There are wrong ways to surf — such as flapping your arms around like an injured hummingbird or wearing sunglasses and a wetsuit at the same time. Sins, those things. But there is no concrete right way to surf. That’s what makes it so interesting. And that’s what makes it so hard to judge. The WSL/Billabong XXL Awards panel does a fine job at judging — they’re the only true tape measure that big-wave surfing has ever known — but sometimes even fine is questionable. This year, for the first time ever, we have a Ride of the Year nominee from a wave ridden on a skimboard. The man who rides it is Brad Domke, and he’s the tiger. And this year, for not the first time ever, Albee Layer wasn’t nominated. So, uhh, we nominated him for this edition of Tiger VS Bear.

Brad tows. He’s on a skimboard. Albee paddles. His board has fins. Neither of them are wearing a wetsuit and sunglasses at the same time so, really, it’s a matter of opinion. Let’s hit the polls.