Tiger VS Bear: Billabong XXL Wipeouts

These are the best of the best…of blunders. Every year, the Billabong XXL committee seeks the best acts in big-wave surfing and nominates them for awards. There’s Ride of the Year, Biggest Wave Award, Paddle Award, Tube Award, Men’s Performance Award, Women’s Performance Award and the crowd pleasing Wipeout Award. Here are two of this year’s finest Billabong XXL Wipeouts from different ends of the spectrum. Tahitian Alian Riou whips into a wave at Teahupoo, gets a little too high up on the face and slip-slides his way into calamity. Meanwhile, Shawn Dollar dances with a savage at Maverick’s and never quite manages to make the too-late drop. At a shallow wave like Teahupoo, poor old Alain may have been gnashed around the reef like a piece of fancy parmesan cheese. At a deep-water wave like Maverick’s, Shawn risked disappearing down to the bottom of the ocean forever. What fun!

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