Tiger VS Bear: Filipe Toledo And John John Florence

Nearly four months ago at the Oakley Pro Bali, John John Florence stuck one of the best airs that the ASP has ever had the pleasure of witnessing. The crowd erupted, Sebastian Zietz’s head exploded and the judges unanimously pressed the 10 button on their keypads. The clip was revered by the surf world, then packaged and distributed to the mainstream via Yahoo.com. Honest family men from St. Paul saw it, scratched their heads and wondered why John repeats his first name. It changed the game.

Fast forward to last week. Playing in this newly changed game, Felipe Toledo faced off against Jeremy Florez at the Quiksilver Pro France. Felipe was feeling frisky with an 8.5 already in his scoreline when he stomped an ‘oop that rivaled John John’s. Felipe earned a 9.97 for his efforts, but in the pre-JJF era it would have been an uncontested 10.

John’s alley-oop might be a touch higher and he seems to linger in the air for longer, but Felipe was just shy of accomplishing what Albee Layer did a year ago and his landing may have been cleaner. Also, strictly for you fans of irony, John John claimed and Felipe didn’t. Where’s that kid from again?

A tiger, a bear and the perfect fight. Ding ding.

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Clips are from the kind souls of Michael Mallalieu and the ASP.