Tiger VS Bear: Kelly Slater And Albee Layer

Well there you have it. Two of the best airs ever landed, compliments of Kelly Slater and Albee Layer. Kelly’s, which happened last week in Portugal, is a 540 air reverse. He’s 42-years-old, has 11 World Titles and is still doing shit that makes us all sweat. In the harshest of circles, his grab has been lightly criticized. It’s called a gorilla grab and it’s your call on whether or not to take issue with that. Albee’s, which happened 2 years ago on Maui, is a double alley-oop. People somehow got to calling it a 720 but they must’ve been drunk off its excellence. He spins as much as Kelly, but on a different axis and without the grab. Choosing one air over the other is like having to pick between filet mignon and Maine lobster but hey, the waiter is headed towards the table and we all gotta eat.

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