Tiger VS Bear: Yago Dora And Mitch Coleborn

Yago Dora and Mitch Coleborn are straight-shooters. They need not spin in order to impress. They will, however, grab for some extra mackerel. Here are two airs from two of Volcom’s finest. Yago, the tiger, lofts a stalefish into the wind at Rocky Point. He rolls down the windows a bit on the descent, but who can blame him? See how high he was? Mitch also goes left, and he floats a slob. Although his grab is a bit easier than Yago’s, Mitch tweaks it a bit more and finishes as smooth as your mother’s favorite merlot. This one’s up for grabs…

Want to see more? These were taken from Volcom’s latest film, True To This, which you can buy or rent now if you click here.
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