Tip 2 Tip Chapter 6

Six months back and forth, and one month straight on. Cabin fever was bound to infect Dean, Dillon and Bruno from time to time. And of course we wanted to hear about it, along with all the photographers, filmers and journalists that jumped on board Quest 1. The boys thought the questions would end out there on the boat, but little did they know that there was more waiting at home (check back tomorrow for more on that). In this episode are nuggets from their Tip 2 Tip exit interviews – which are also the most revealing. Agree or disagree, this is reality.

Dean Brady has been going to Indo for a long time now and, naturally, not everything is the same as it used to be. But nothing is so drastically different than the handful of reefs that were shifted by the earthquake/tsunami of December, 2004. Listening to Brady talk about all the waves he’s surfed out there, you realize he hasn’t forgotten even the slightest details of each one. Maybe that’s why the guy gets so barreled out there.

For the last 7 days on the boat, the crew exercised patience as Mother Nature had her way. They pushed around just a few more hidden corners. And thanks to Captain Albert’s expertise, just before it was time to head to port, they came up with some more gold to throw in the memory bank. Then it was back to Padang to find their sea legs and prepare for the impending reality of heading home. Hungry for just a bit more action, they boys decided to hit Padang’s chaotic streets. Rickshaws. Taxis. Motorbikes. It’s not quite the same as pulling into 6-foot bombs, but…