Tip 2 Tip Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Strike Mission

So this one wasn't in the plans. The final (and legendary) crew is actually out to sea as we speak – and you’ll meet them next week… In the meantime, we had a couple of weeks to kill after Brady, Dillon and Bruno said farewell. So, we needed to find a few surfers who were willing to fly up to northern Indo, hop on a rickety bus for a handful of hours, and get to the docks at a moment’s notice. Of course, Alex and Koa Smith and Stu Kennedy raised their hands first…

episode 7.1 – Distance

And Koa thought he covered a lot of fresh ground way back in Chapter 1. He had no idea. For a solid month before this trip Dean, Dillon and Bruno had been zigzagging northern Indo, discovering never-surfed-before waves more than they were dropping into more familiar locales. So when they passed the baton to Koa, Alex and Stu at the docks, they let loose a few secrets just to pump them up and prepare them for what was surely waiting for them in the coming weeks. But of course Indo made them work for it – no free passes around here.

episode 7.2 – Retrospect

One of the filmers, Jimmy Kinnaird, likes to torture each fresh passenger on the Tip 2 Tip mission. He's been on most of the trips and has been there to document some of the best days and biggest scores. So, what he does is put together these 10-minute edits of absolute gold to show the new crew on their way out to sea. This causes the froth level to get dangerously high as the waiting game ensues. But it's also a brilliant tactic, because when it's time to get in the water – no matter if the waves are all-time or not – you can be sure the boys will be firing on all cylinders.

episode 7.3 – Discovery

During a bit of a flat spell Koa, Alex and Stu hit the beach. Strolling the coastal villages way up here, it doesn't take too long to forget the madness of Kuta, Jakarta or Padang. And it just so happens there's a particularly weird wave up here, too – a wave that Dillon, Brady and Bruno had discovered about a month before, when everywhere else was flat. Though they had the honor of being only the second group to surf it, Koa, Alex and Stu only got a taste…. Just wait until we show you this place in all its glory in the coming weeks.