Tom Curren Wears Socks On Head, Stand Up Bodyboards

Tom Curren and his fins seem to have had some sort of falling out lately – because the last two surf clips that have been released of the eccentric regular footer have been shared between a skimboard, and now, a bodyboard. Here, we find Curren taking his new rudderless approach abroad on a trip to Mexico with none other than skim-surfer extraordinaire Brad Domke. Watch the two share some outright dandy little slides down the right-hand point and don’t feel bad if you get the urge to swipe the cobwebs off that old Morey in the garage.

Side note: The surf world needs another Tom Curren. Guy won three World Titles and now, at the age of 51, he is wearing socks on his head and standing up on a bodyboard. Mick, you listening?