Tournotes : Squad Goals

If the QS is a grind, then the CT is a back-crook down a 20-stair hand rail.

Meaning that it’s excessively difficult, but feels damn good when you stick that shit/win heats. But you know what keeps the surfers/skaters rolling through the rough times? The genuine support of their friends (& family) who watch loyally from the water’s edge/nearby grassy knoll through every failed attempt. And failures aren’t met with sadness, they’re met with doubled enthusiasm. “F**k yeah, Johnny! Next time, guaranteed!”

And that is the role of one’s squad. To keep the surfer/skater happy, positive, and loved. CT surfers go through a range of emotion throughout the year, and without the constant support of the friend and family that accompany them to each event, they’d surely have monthly panic attacks.