Vissla’s Dream Steeple

Vissla has a very eclectic team of surfers.

There’s the high performance crew, including Andrew Jacobson, Jordy Lawler, Cam Richards, and Brendon Gibbens. Then there’s the styley/old-school crew, consisting of Cory Colapinto, Derek Disney, and Bryce Young. And while each of these surfers has their own unique set of skills, it’s really hard to look past Brendon and Bryce as the leaders of their respective categories.

Brendon is your classic, Kai Neville taught, one section –> one maneuver, clip generator. He’s got Gumby-esque legs that allow him to pull off some seriously convoluted maneuvers, often falling a story from the sky before landing gracefully in the flats.

Bryce, on the other hand, surfs like poetry in motion. There’s no excess movement, no power stance, but he still generates the most speed and torque of anyone in the film. He has an innate ability to read waves and to utilize every ounce of speed in the wave’s possession. A true waveriding virtuoso, one who can wow on any type craft.

This movie is a pleasure to watch, as the production and editing is just as good as the surfing. We recommend you give it a click.