Volcom House // Pipeline // 6:47

You know those pump-up videos people make for sports teams right before the season starts? This is just like that, except with way less grab-ass. In order of appearence, it features Kaimana Henry, Kaiborg, Derek Ho, Kaleo Roberson, Jonah Morgan, Tuhiti Haumani, Tai Vandyke, Mike Gleason, Finn McGill, Imai Devault, Kamalei Alexander, Milo Murguia, Sai Smiley, Josh Redman, Kawai Lindo, Dave Wassel, Tom Dosland and JD Irons horsing around in their backyard. So grab a spiced pumpkin latte, plop a squat and spend seven minutes of your precious time watching people get barreled. And be sure to root for Pipeline this year.