Volcom // Making Of True To This Ep. 4 // 4:32

“Sometimes your body just does weird things and it just fucking feels rad.” Skater Rune Glifberg’s was the brain behind that sentiment and we think he hit the nail on the head. Fully rotating an alley-oop or taking off under the lip of a proper 8-footer is a pretty weird situation to put the human body through, but boy does it feel rad. Fucking rad, so to speak. Just like hucking oneself into a wild spin off a house-sized jump on a mountain or riding a small piece of wood down a handrail. Much like our old friend Rune, Episode 4 in the Making of True To This is a great carpenter. It sums up the interconnectedness between surfing, skating and snowboarding in that nail-on-the-head sort of way. The movie is due out March 1st — with over 60 premiers worldwide — and it’ll likely feel, uhh, Rune?